September 4, 2009

another day in paris

© vernon trent

i wake today feeling better.  the lights and sounds of paris consume me but the stomach virus that found me distracted me.  it cant stop me since im dedicated to eating the beauty that surrounds me and keeping it forever.  the eiffel tower at night is breathtaking even with the swarms of peddling pusher of crap.   today i shoot with one of my favorite photographers, not expected, barely planned.  he comes to meet me from germany.  the last shoot we did was magical even though it lasted about 30 minutes...and the images we created, i think some of my best work.  a series of 3 (20x30 prints!) hang in a gallery not too far from here.  these are those, smaller of course.

Series titled "...and no one knows"

"and you dance 
in lonely secrecy 
In every style of passion 
and no one knows 
where the night is going..."

Vernon Trent you are amazing.  more to come...

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