September 19, 2009

dinner at 7

© Fernon

and it was amazing. tonight i shared dinner with a man who hasn't eaten in over 3 weeks. his appetite destroyed by the amount of necessary chemicals running through his blood stream. we had a great relaxed shoot today, wading through the weeds and hanging from the trees. not at all different from any of the thousands i've done before this one but there was something different and something special. the light fell just right and the breeze blew as it should. today was good. today was great. i was inspired by his effort to ignore the torture of his healing body to enjoy a satisfying meal with me. i was flattered that he took the time to step outside of himself and entertain me, distract himself from himself and live a life that was supposed to be his. it only takes a second to change a life, it only takes a moment to take your breath away. He stopped me and it was brilliant, but there's one that holds me til i get there and i wait til the moment that i cant breathe again.

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