September 4, 2009

can you see the lights?


"never leave your heart alone".  i listen to the music that sings these words to me as i sit silently so to speak.  the day was long and beautiful.  full moon bathed the skyline of paris and all that i saw was caressed with the shine of my friend who watches over me.  on the road early again tomorrow.  on the road which is where i live and grow i suppose.  how can one not change when that is all you know?  i wonder what life will be like when i stop, i wonder what life will be like if i can't.  i'm a little nervous but not at all scared.  i make things work, always.  theres this thing we do when we sit in darkness and search for the beginning of the song that makes everything seem new again.  hit restart and freshness begins.  seems easy right?  yeah...

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