September 15, 2009

wishing star

© CNirvana

As I wander the streets of an unfamilar city, I wait patiently to see the view that I came here for.  Walking carelessly through neighborhood along the water that reflects the magic of the setting sun.  Down the hill to watch the waves.  The colors melt away into the place from which they came.  Once the light has dissipated the walk up the hill begins.  Back to where I began, I wait in the line to head up the tower that holds the view to the great beyond.

In my solitude I enjoy the togetherness of those around me.  The happy couples, the families, the pairs that seem to complete each other.  At the pinnacle, the outlook, I wander and absorb. The view, the throb of the pulsing orange light below. The conversations of the watchers of the light entertain me since the $9 cup o' wine can't appease.  As I pass I hear the voice of a young girl say "mommy, is that a wishing star?". Technically it's mars but in the eyes of a four year old reality its a magical tool in which her dreams can come true.

"Of course honey, what's your wish?"  Mom says.  As I walk away the little one exposes what her dreams hold and restores my faith in humanity and the future of those who can still see the stars through the layer of clouds.

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