September 9, 2009

off and runnin


Grab your shit first, make it quick.  Block the aisle because you stood up first so now you're entitled.  Sit down cow! Just because your ass is bigger doesn't give you the right make me miss my flight.  They are holding the plane for me, please step aside.  a shuttle with one other US passenger, hurry now.  Securidado privee por tu.  Made it through to wait in the 15 min queue.  Glad they rushed us.

Standing waiting enjoying the people watching.  The epitome of stupid American behind me says to the intercom voice "doesn't she know we don't understand a thing she's saying?"  wait a second and she will translate for you.   Was she that ignorant and self involved before or has old age wilted her brain?  Sigh. Maybe I should try harder not to listen, thank you ipod!

It's all ok now because one of the cutest babies I've ever seen is sitting across from me.  I'm a sucker for little feet.  And I've got the aisle seat.  Euro adventure over and off to my house where my empty suitcase is waiting to be filled.  Time to fly...

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  1. Were we born with an understanding that observation makes life easier or were they just born without it.