September 7, 2009

i think

as my european adventure comes to a close, im winding down and gearing up for the next adventure.  3 days after i get home. just enough time to do laundry, pay bills and pack again. i cant wait but i can but i cant.  tormented by the need to work and the desire to see new things and be with people i love.  i love my life but im ready to settle, right?  too much to do before i leave yet another country so i sit with my pen and write to satisfy myself.  the sun is setting, maybe i can catch a few more memories before i leave.  my itunes just hit repeat.  animal collective sings yet again...

No more runnin', says my mind 
All this movement has just proved your kisses hard to find 
Older harmony that I see 
Friends I once had turn their thoughts away from me 
No more runnin', I’ve got to breathe 
On back porches with the torch of a firefly lit tree 
It's what I hope for 
It's what I hope for 
No more runnin' 
No more runnin' 
I locked my bones and trapped my feet 
I told them I found ‘em a place to be 
And stick like candy in your teeth 
When you lose your faith in me 

i think ill listen.


  1. Maybe you just need to pause for quite a while to gather yourself rather than a complete stop

  2. Hmm settled, what does that word really mean