September 16, 2009

normal is just a setting on the washing machine...

©Gerry Oar
another magical moment...

a fabulous quote from one of my many good friends. i write my blog tonight in a state of happy delirium after a wonderful dinner and a walk that let me wander to the end of a long, twisty pier in front of another perfect canadian sunset. the evening that reminds me how truly wonderful this thing called life is. as i chat with this friend and that about the comings and goings of life and how it changes as we progress through its stages, the topic of normal and its many layers continues to arise. there is no such thing as normal and anyone that claims to be so should be on serious meds. "Crazy is as crazy does" according to one of the most poignant of crazy characters. this journey is a constant adventure and once the stories stop being interesting (one of my least favorite words because of its vastness of definition) than life as we know it will cease to exist. tragic but true. "what good is life without living"...for those that read this silly thing i call my blog, i appreciate you. i've always been a good listener and sometimes the i find the right words.


  1. Stumbled across your blog. I have enjoyed the poetry and writing. This photograph made me stop. It is amazing. The angles and lighting, in my humble opinion, are sublime. Thank you for brightening up my day.
    Richmond, VA