October 5, 2009


Stephanie Anne

back to where it all began, i find myself in Australia. Mission Beach today and its beautiful. surrounded by some of my favorite people and missing those that couldn't make it. i miss you, its not the same without you here. I'm beaten and bruised already which is expected when i do what i do. climbing trees and swimming through rocks. its all about getting the perfect shot and making history or at least something fantastic. my life is a blur but the moments that stick out are the o
nly ones that count. the sun warms my soul and makes me feel happy.


  1. I am so missing being there. It's hard! But Sam here keeps reminding me that I have an important job at home! Love the pic of Stephanie :)

  2. amen. the 24/7 feelings. missing someone(s) and someplace(s) and being wholly ensconced in where you are at that moment... sigh...