October 25, 2009

right now

© zoe wiseman
the legacy continues

every now and then i sit myself down and say "shut the fuck up". not everything works out as you might hope. guess what? perfect doesn't exist. its just a pretty word that holds a lot of value when you give it that. im quitting my job soon because i think i should. its not what it used to be, the industry or the people in it. i love what i do except for when i don't. when i find my passion, when its brilliant, when i get to climb trees and make shapes and make art that speaks to you... THAT's when I love my job, thats when my work isn't work, its a part of who i am. Ill miss that when it goes away. when i get to collaborate with fantastic and inspired talent, i should add all of my friends fit in to that category. talented, inspired, fantastic, some are even famous and the best of which are infamous. i do love my life and am waiting oh so patiently to find out whats next. as soon as i stop whining maybe it will get easier. in the meantime i continue to do what i love and leave my legacy so to speak. a very good friend sent me a note today:

if there was only one frame of film left in the world and it was in my possession ... i would call you. seriously.

and THIS is when i love my job.

thanks zoe. magic!


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  1. Very insightful. Thanks for this, I think I needed it today. :)

    All the best!