October 10, 2009


Stephanie Anne

the end is closing in on the reason i came this far. its been a wild and crazy trip full of adventure, merriment, breathtaking landscapes and "bitey things". yeah that's right. the group here with community zoe was interviewed about our event, various questions asked about why we do what we do and the validity of making our art. poignant and brilliant comments where stated about the timelessness of art nudes and how their impact can last and transcend through generations. exclamations of our passion and dedication to get the perfect shot, chasing the light and creating collaborations that tingle our senses. some how the quote in the paper in Cairns Weekender page 4 turned out to be about how itchy our bug bites are. tragic really that the interviewer would skew our story in that way but funny that the australian adventure will now permanently be about boobs and bitey things. awesome.

i leave tomorrow with more freckles and a deeper bond with many. i'll miss the daily sunrises which seem far more challenging away from paradise. i dont sleep here but some how its ok. the flowing of the water in the distance will not soon be forgotten and as we all go off in our seperate ways to various cities, countries and states of mind we stop and share moments of perfect happiness, satisfaction, and friendship.

on my own again but never alone, the aussie tour progresses and things at home continue to change. change is good. change is necessary. change is the new start of every day.

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