October 28, 2009

and it continues

© D-eye
Thanks Brett!

another wonderful day in sydney as my trip comes to its end. i spent the day on pearl beach north of the city with two cool photographers that got along great. the location was amazing with the cliffs overlooking the twinkling beach below. the expanse of the city, just glorious. we make our way down to the rocks to the sandy spot below. as i dance about on the rocks and flow with this amazingly long red fabric we attract the attention of six teenage boys. boys will be boys so they creep behind the rocks trying to get a peak. hilarious since they aren't hidden at all. the brave one comes over and ask "are you shooting for playboy?" the photographer humors him, "no, for ralph actually". his mate works at that mag and we just helped them sell heaps of copies. they ask if they can be in one of the shots. i happily obliged with the agreement that they will go after they get their shot. as the boys shyly line up behind me smiling like kids in a candy store, the brave one whispers, "can i give you my number?" i just laugh. he high-fives me as they move along the beach. the day progresses and another pair of giggling boys rock up. at that point we decide the beach shoot is finished. one of the boys comes up and looks at me and asks "are you ashamed of being naked?"

i didn't know what to say. i'll never be ashamed of being nude, its what i do. im a bit of a nudist anyway and am most comfortable naked. always. im proud of my body and proud of my work. i could have said something snide like "fuck off kid, go home to your mom" which was my initial thought. but respecting the fact that this kid probably has his own issues anyway, i left it as "no, i love what i do." and smiled. his friend smacked him and said something about of course shes not dude, look at her, shes gorgeous.

the ride back to the city got me thinking. before i went on my beach adventure, i spent a few minutes chatting with my high school prom date who i havent seen in 10 plus years. hes married with 3 beautiful kids now and living his dream. we chat about this and that and then he asks "so what happened to the shy, christian girl i took to prom? now youre and international risque model." risque?? really? my response, "people change."

then he said how proud he was of me and a little jealous that i get to tour the world on someone else's dime. yeah life is good. and the little shy christian girl i used to be is gone. forever changed. sorry jesus, it had to be done.