October 31, 2009

the flower grew from above

©Michael Marlborough

a lot can change in a year. a lot can change in a day. a lot can change when you open your eyes, or more so when you don't.

today was my first hypnotherapy session. seeing that i generally distrust people in general but believe in angels i was a bit conflicted and skeptical. she showed me a lot of things that I needed to see. one of the first things she told me was i have an eternal bond with my baby, my niece Julianna. the love of my life... til i have my own. according to her we knew each other in a former life. not sure I believe that but my heart does hurt when she's not around and my being lights up even at the mention of her name.

i also had a vision of a rose growing from the beaming golden light above me. not a stretch really since flowers can grow down towards the earth, but nonetheless in the flurry of images of my subconscious that one stuck. it reminded me of the random rose bud i saw laying on the rocks of botany bay in Sydney.

the flower had no reason to be there. only the one bud, not even the whole flower. I held it for a while, curious as to how and why this flower appeared there. roses aren't typically found on a rocky beach or in Sydney for that matter. i left it behind and it probably washed away shortly after, but I kept it's memory and of course it's smell. that's all I need really. I live my life through pictures, a visual learner. i saved the picture of that rose in my memory where it will forever stay alive and fragrant. the pictures paint the stories that create the journey.

this blog was started because of the story of one day. every day has a story. if there's a day missing here, it's not because there wasn't a story. more likely there were too many great ones to choose from or life just got in the way again and i stopped to smell the roses.

Nirvana, it's coming and it's not just a name.

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