October 21, 2009

my world

© David LeBeck

Im cold. I'm dirty. I'm hungry. another day in the life...

i head back to Melbourne on the tram. i could live here i think, melbourne that is. the city reminds me of San Francisco, another city i thought i would end up. maybe i still will, who knows where this life will go. the public transport here is perfect. i can go to work and be a tourist and ride all day with the change in my pocket. $2 coins that is. i ride backwards to face the children on board. the ride through the burbs cater to the schools i guess. the child next to me should reconsider his smoking habit. i ride with the music in my ears and my feet throbbing after the hike through the bush. back to where my day began on the beach. ah the beach, the one place i can get lost and feel completely at home. another long day tomorrow. no worries mate, mortgage is paid now. next stop sunshine, literally. ahh the creativity of those that name the cities. hmmm

as we move along past the bridge that houses the homeless, gazing at their homes made of blankets i feel blessed. not only because I have an actual job and home but because i continue to have or create the drive, dedication and passion to keep what i have. my life is a holiday as i always say and i'll never be under a bridge.

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