October 23, 2009


© Dave Ahronian

the glowing light of the rising sun shadows the spark of my beloved moon. gazing out the wide open window, the soft light of the city skyline fades into tomorrow. this city that i love awakes with it's normal flow. the weary and unrested wait for the heart beat to slow.

that moment when nothing else matters because that's all there is, not far now. night time, the darkness that comforts, swallowed by the day. this light that fills the room, the one that often makes it all go away, stopped today with the open mouth of the grey. this grey surrounding all things light, stagnates the morning dew as i wait patiently to feel you. hands outstretched to hold the thought, elements pasted together in the mind. still vast yet cloudy with the clutter of the foggy tidal wave. this torturous torment that wakes me from the tumultuous slumber of unrest.

as day turns in to night again my soul slows to feel the weight of the world and as it overcomes me, the tired bones of this worn out body give in, lay down and sleep. finally

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