October 12, 2009

away we go


the flight back to where I left a piece of me. my wings are heavy from the weight of the wind. as I soar along the coastline passing where I left him and floating on to where we may meet. again i wonder, whisper and wish. The vibration of the music in my brain is sweet to my ears, although the words are salty. I breathe it all in and float continuing to where I can melt into the oblivion that I seek. This place where good meets evil and today blends to tomorrow. The future doesn't exist. It's all about today.

the song in the background lingers and stirs up the memories of that moment we shared. as the red virgin walks by i hear her voice speaking softly. Maybe I can't hear her because all I want is the music. dark and dreamy and oh so satisfying in it's perverse shadow. It fills the void between the mystery and the wanting, or is it needing. Blurred. that huge gap that seems to never end. satisfied by the vividness of the moonlight. contented by the lack of left behind. searching, seeking, settled. i continue on my designated path of misguided perfection

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