October 12, 2009

watching the glow


approaching the night light I see the shooting star twinkle as it burns. the heat as it passes singes my wings but I continue to flutter. gently cascading along the glow of the cloud line, past the setting of the not forgotten sun. the journey progresses in the intended fashion past the distractions that could do nothing but. on to the place where the finale is intended to commence. that spot that has yet to be created, the only place to be. which one will be beside me?

i walk the line, the one too narrow to walk alone but too wide to bring the party. tapping the surface of what lies beneath and wishing i had brought my shovel. the hole I need is deep and the dirt is too thick but the sunlight will help me burn through. at least that is the plan. as the wolf wanders through the brush i hear him in the distance. his breath is hot and i feel it when my eyes are closed. i wander further in to my story, the one i have yet to start.

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