October 26, 2009

the next day comes and goes

©Cameron Attree
model: Stephanie Anne, partner in crime

time seems to pass quickly here, far too fast. perhaps its really in slow motion, one day turns in to the next with no remorse or pause or hesitation. its tomorrow. its today. its 22 years from now. its all the same really because right now is all there ever really is. your moment has past. your prize posessions are worthless, things. thoughts. forgotten. maybe next time will be better. maybe next time ill be a butterfly.

in the meantime... i got some amazing photos from an amazing photographer with an amazing friend. yeah i think they are that good. mission beach and all its stories will not soon be forgotten. new friends, old friends, good friends. thats all that really matters. the rest is bonus and fills in the gaps of the in between.

gone but not forgotten....

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